Mango-Jalapeno Margarita

Mango-Jalapeno Margarita
It’s margarita Monday, ladies and gentleman!  I think every Monday calls for a good Margarita, don’t you agree? 

I’ve decided margaritas are definitely my favorite mixed drink; nothing else compares.  I like them on the tart side, on the rocks, with salt.  Mmm so good!  I thought I’d spice things up and make a frozen Mango-Jalapeno Margarita. 

The recipe is very simple: tequila, fresh lime juice, minced jalapeno, ice and mango sorbet.  I used Talenti Alphonso Mango sorbet and it was perfect.  The jalapeno was grown in my garden!
Mango-Jalapeno Margarita3
This is the first time I’ve tried Trader Joe’s tequila.  I thought it was pretty good… although I’m not a tequila connoisseur.  It was about $20 (which is my price limit for booze, ha!).  Have you tried it?

MAKE THESE.  They’re so good!  Now I want to make a million different flavors of margaritas.  Raspberry, blackberry, peach… the sky’s the limit.  Oh, I forgot – the jalapeno just adds a subtle pepper flavor with a teeny bit of heat.  Feel free to add more or less!
Mango-Jalapeno Margarita2Mango-Jalapeno Margarita

2 cup ice
1 cup Talenti Mango Sorbet
4 shots tequila
2 limes, juiced
1/2 teaspoon minced jalapeno
Salt, lime slices, mango slices (optional)

Combine ice, sorbet, tequila, lime juice and jalapeno in a blender… blend until smooth.  Add more ice or lime juice if desired.  Place into salt-rimmed glasses and garnish with lime and mango slices.

Makes 2 generous servings or 4 normal servings

Sunday Failures & Favorites

Lemon Poppy Seed BreadWell, if that’s not the squattiest lemon poppy seed bread you ever did see.  I would consider this a baking failure based on the bread’s shape.  No one wants a loaf looking like that!  At first I thought it was because of this new silicon loaf pan I started using, and I do think that was part of the problem, but really it was because my baking powder was getting old!  I’m pretty sure, anyway – I’ve had it for a while.  But I bought more baking powder and I’m considering trying this recipe again.  The flavor was really good. 

Another recent baking failure I had was this cherry cake.
Cherry Cake
It’s a cake loaded with crushed Morello cherries, with a Morello cherry glaze.  I like the idea of this… I do not like the appearance.  At all.  As Eric put it, “It looks like ground beef with a slice of swiss cheese and cherries on top.”  So it does!  Then I tasted it and it wasn’t very good.  Not terrible… just not great.  The glaze was overpowering and the cake was mushy from all of the cherries.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I don’t think I’ll try that one again.

Now let’s move on to some favorites!

Favorite Makeup
I have a few items I’ve been enjoying lately.  My Garnier BB cream, course.  I’ve stopped using foundation and just use BB cream now.  I want to try other BB’s but I like the Garnier one so much that maybe I’ll stick with that one for now.  My mom bought me Peaches blush by Mac for my birthday.  Love!  I’ve been wanting this blush for a while now.  I also love this highlighter in Tiki by Hard Candy.  So pretty and it makes you all glowy.  It says it’s a bronzer but it’s not, so ignore that.  I feel like I try a lot of concealers and I hate them all.  This Maybelline concealer is the first one I’ve actually liked.  I don’t know if it’s the formula or the little sponge applicator, but for me and my skin type, it’s working.  One last item is this Honey Stick lip gloss, lip stick and lip liner.  I really love the color (I adore nudes and pale pinks) and how everything is all packaged together.  I do wish they were a little more moisturizing, though.  Maybe I just got an old one? 

Favorite Snack
IMG_20140719_144522 I’m addicted to these Trader Joe’s Inner Peas.  They taste kind of strange at first and you think to yourself, “These taste weird.  I don’t like these.  Why do I keep eating them?”  Then you become addicted and go through bags every week.  They’re basically just peas baked in a little oil and they get all puffy and crispy.  I also bought the chocolate swirled cookie butter today from TJ’s and can’t wait to try it.  Have you had it??

Favorite New Product I MUST Try:
Mini Donut Ice Cream at Target!

Three of my favorite things – donuts, ice cream and Target.

What a weird post… I’m so, so sorry.  That’s all I have for today.  I have some better recipes coming your way.  No hamburger cake.  You’re welcome.

Caturday 4 – Cashew is a Rebellious Teencat

IMG_7284 Cashew is growing up.  :(  He looks so different than when he was a little kitty baby.  Just look at him!  Pretty soon he’s going to have tattoos and piercings all over his body.
Rebel He’s around seven month old, which is the equivalent to a fifteen year old human.  He doesn’t cuddle in our laps as much as he used to… he’d rather play and attack us.  He’s still a good boy, though.  Occasionally he’ll jump on the dinner table and we’ll yell at him to get down.  He just hunkers down on the table and looks guilty instead of jumping off.  He looks really cute so it’s hard to get too mad at him. 

Like any teenager, Cashew Kitty loves sleeping in (much like his parents).  He crawls under the covers of my bed and sometimes sleeps there.
IMAG3795 Isn’t he the cutest in this picture?  Sigh.
IMAG3767 Sleepy kitty.
Cats love quilts – it’s a fact.
IMAG3746_1 Sooo tired.  He’s a growing boy!  I guess he’ll be about full sized when he’s a year old.
Couldn’t even make it out of bed.
When I visited my family a few weeks ago, my sweet mom bought Cashew some wheat grass from the farmers’ market.  He loved it!  He ate and played with it until it completely died.  My mom gave me some wheat grass seed and I’m going to try growing that soon, along with some catnip. 
He loves grass!
IMAG3976_1 Speaking of grass, last weekend we gave Cashew his first catnip experience.  And now, like other rebellious teencats, he loves to partake in some herbs. 

I bought him some catnip bubbles and he likes to watch the bubbles and occasionally he’ll stick a paw out to pop them (he’s lazy).  I think he enjoys the scent but it doesn’t make him act crazy.
Eric also bought him a little mouse that you fill up with dried cat nip.  The mouse makes him completely nutty!  As seen in the following videos:
(He growls!)
Do your cats love the nip? Do they do anything crazy?