Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I haven't felt inspired to bake anything lately, but I was flipping through Peter Reinhart's Brother Junipers Bread Book, and noticed a recipe for cinnamon raisin bread, and decided to make it.

I bought this used book on Amazon. I didn't notice this, at first, but the book is actually signed by Peter Reinhart. Apparently, the owner of this book had him sign it in Charlotte. Pretty cool, huh? Mr. Reinhart, if you're reading this, I just wanted to thank you for all of your bread wisdom and wizardry. Thank you sir. It's an honor.

Back to the cinnamon raisin bread. I halved his recipe, played around with the proportions, and changed a few things. I changed so much, that the recipe doesn't resemble his at all. But he gave me the inspiration, and that's all that matters.

I'm not satisfied with my recipe, because I know there must be a better one out there. Do you have a good recipe?
So I've decided not to post the recipe. It's not bad...but it's not good enough for you fine folks. *wink*
Mine is too dense and rustic...I think it's because I used bread flour and whole wheat flour. The crust is rather chewy and crusty, too. In most cases, I would consider that a good thing, but not with cinnamon raisin bread. You want something soft and billowy. Like cotton candy.
I made some toast, and it was really good.

The swirls are a combination of cinnamon, butter, pure maple syrup, toasted pecans, and plumped raisins.
Let me tell you, I had a hard time seeking enough raisins for this bread. I looked under chairs. I looked under tables. I asked Bobby Dylan. I asked the Beatles.
Look in boxes of cereal, oatmeal, and snack mix, and you will find your raisins, my friend.
They call me the seeker.

Here's a link to another cinnamon raisin bread by Peter Reinhart, if you're interested.


  1. You crack me up, Emiline. :)

    Your loaf looks really beautiful. I made a cinnamon swirl bread more than a year ago and it is simply delicious. It's a recipe from Nicole (of Pinch my salt) and a huge success (I haven't posted it on my English blog, though. And I don't know why). :S
    Usually I make 2 loaves and add choc chips to one of them.

  2. Yum - you have a gift with breadmaking! That's a perfect swirl of goodies in the middle :)

  3. I have never made cinnamon raisin bread before, so I don't have any wisdom for you, but it does look good!

  4. ok, so the bread looks amazing! I love that it has so much filling in the swirls!

  5. So did you have the exercise video's running while your bread was baking?
    It smells good from here.

  6. Uh, instead of asking *us* for a good recipe, how about you try making the recipe the way he printed it in the book first? Maybe his is great.

  7. OMG this bread is beautiful! Such a perfect shape to it, and looks delicious. This kind of bread makes the best toast...hmm, I haven't made bread in awhile, although I have a stack of bread cookbooks that are begging to be used!

  8. It certainly *looks* very yummy!!

  9. I can just imagine how great your kitchen must have smelled. YUM!
    It's really strange, but, just before I open your page I was looking at my bread machine, thinking...I haven't made bread in a long time- I should make some bread, hmmm but what kind?
    And then I forgot about it and went online to look at your blog. Spooky huh?
    It must be a sign. I need to make some cinnamon raisin bread. Thanks Em.

  10. I have a whole wheat golden raisin bread recipe from school and that is really good. It's not swirled though, but if you ever want the recipe just let me know. By the way I think that toast looks scrumptious!

  11. Hey Emiline, you have been tagged! :)

  12. This bread looks picture perfect. I bet it's delicious. Anything cinnamon is so yummy!

  13. Patricia- Thank you. That is a true compliment.
    Pinch My Salt. Ok, I will look that up.

    Nemmie- Well, thanks.

    Deborah- Thanks!

    April- I like that it has a lot of filling, too. I think it could have been sweeter.

    Sandi- Yes, I was mixing up the ingredients in a bowl, while I was jogging in place.

    Amy- Nah. I didn't like his recipe. I linked to one, if you want to try it.

    Laura- Thank you. Those bagels you made, looked good.

    Dana- Thanks!

    Annie- I swear, we have some telepathic thing going on.

    Val- Thank you! That bread sounds good. I hate to give up the swirl, though.

    Jenny- Actually, maybe I was a little hard on it. I'm too picky.

  14. The picture looks wonderful Emiline! Aren't you being too rigid? I'm sure it smelled great while baking!!
    I love olives bread, walnuts bread, onion bread... but never heard of cinnamon and raisins!

  15. I have a good one. It's kind of a mess on paper, but it makes a good loaf of bread. I'll send it to you.

  16. YUM! I love cinnamon raisin bread! I wish I had eaten this for breakfast this morning. :-)

  17. It looks great. I don't have a recipe, per se, but I like to add orange zest and sometimes orange extract or marmalade to the rolls.

    I often will rise my breads in the oven-- put the dough in, put the temperature on 200 for exactly a minute, then turn the heat off... They rise much higher and get much fluffier that way without killing the yeast. I just never have anyplace warm enough in my house to give the bread the 85-95 degree rise it would like.

    Glad you like my new layout, btw. I'm excited that it's not quite as... well, Wordpressy, even though it's still very basic.

  18. It looks beautiful.
    Send it to me right away.
    Toast. Coffee. Maybe a poached egg. In my robe. Perfect!
    Your photography just keeps getting better! I wish I could do as well...!

  19. Emiline this bread looks wonderful! I love cinnamon and raisins! nice recipe xxx Gloria

  20. Your loaf looks excellent! What a beautiful smoothness on the outside, and alluring texture on the inside! Mmmm.

  21. Nuria- Never heard of cinnamon-raisin bread? Quelle dommage!

    Anna- Yes! Send it to me, sometime. No hurry. I don't know if I'm ready to bake another.

    Katy- It does make a good breakfast.

    Tanya- I thought about putting orange zest in it, but thought I was making it more complicated. I like the idea.
    That's a good idea, to help the bread rise. I microwaved a cup of hot water for 1 minute, then placed the bread pan in the microwave, to help it rise. The oven probably would have worked better.

    Catherine- Thank you for the compliment. I wish it was true. I had a post all ready to go, looked at my pictures, and was disgusted. Now I have to take them over again.

    Gloria- Thank you!

    Kimberlie- Thanks.

    Cakespy- Thanks! I like those crispies you made.

  22. this bread really LOOKS perfect.

    did you use a bread machine? or is this handformed etc.

    ive said this on many of our culinary pal's blogs... bread scares me. i've done it once and it turned out like a lead weight.


  23. Oh wow! how cool is that. I love his works too.

  24. hey, I know that ordering is much less convenient, but if you're interested in quinoa, try buying online. here's the brand i often get.

  25. When I ordered a used Charlie Trotter cookbook I also got an autographed copy....all for $5 including shipping. Sounds like you got a good deal too!

  26. That cinnamon bread looks great! The swirls are thick and they look nice and moist. I really like the sound on the cinnamon, maple and pecan filling!

  27. You are a wunderkint and maybe my long-lost baby sister.

  28. Tanya- I might do that. Thanks for the link!

    Peabody- Hey, that's cool! You are lucky!

    Kevin- I think it sounds nice, too.

    Heather- Yes, I think you're right about that.

  29. try the recipe in my blog. i have tweaked it a little b/c i love sugary sweets, so my changes make the filling a bit gooey... if you don't like that then stick to the original recipe.... but you should give it a try, it's nice and soft and moist :)

  30. "Thank you sir."

    I'm way behind on reading your blog. 5 more minutes and I can come home.

  31. Looks delicious - I only wish I could overcome my yeast phobic ways!