Mini Butterfinger Ice Cream Cakes

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mini Butterfinger Ice Cream Cakes

8 Peanut Butter-Cream Filled Oreo Cookies, finely ground
1 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened
4 mini Butterfingers, coarsely chopped
1 heaping teaspoon of creamy peanut butter
3 tablespoons coarsely chopped salted peanuts
1 1/2 ounces dark chocolate, melted
1 heaping teaspoon of caramel topping

Combine the Oreo cookie crumbs and melted butter, in a small mixing bowl, and stir until well combined. Press into the bottom of 6 muffin cups; freeze for 10 minutes.

In a small mixing bowl, stir together ice cream and Butterfinger until well combined. Roughly swirl the peanut butter into the ice cream; divide into muffin cups, and smooth the surface.

Freeze for 15 minutes. Evenly top with peanuts, then drizzle chocolate and caramel over the tops. Freeze for 1 hour, or until ready to serve.

Yield: 6 mini ice cream cakes

52 comments on "Mini Butterfinger Ice Cream Cakes"
  1. You MUST stop with the Oreos!! I NEED these and your last recipe as well, but NO OREOS in Poland. What am I supposed to do? I suppose all I CAN do is cry my eyes out.

    This sounds so tasty. If I ever move back to the States, I'm SO remembering to come back to these recipes.

    1. Do you have graham crackers?? You could substitute them for the cookies in the crust... just as good!!! Yummy!!

  2. These look wonderful! Butterfingers are my favorite candy bar.
    And just so you know I did that knee/nose thing in gymnastics and promptly gave up the sport too!

  3. Yum..I'm not sure how beneficial these are before a sporting activity but I can see where the energy comes from! I like watching gymnastics too and diving!

  4. These look great - not sure we get those biscuits in the UK but I'm sure I can find a substitute!

  5. I love Butterfingers...what a great idea! I've also been watching the Olympics but just here and there a bit....

  6. I would rather have one of these babies than a gold medal right now!! Yeah Olympics, what better way to enjoy them than in front of your tv eating one of those little ice cream cakes??

  7. Oh man, that is the most perfect pre-workout snack ever!

  8. Ok seriously who sent you ... I know you are out to ruin my diet !! LOL Yummy

  9. Where have I been hiding all these years? I had no idea that there are PB Oreos. Perhaps I've been watching too much olympics and need to get out to the grocery!

    I love gymnastics, too and was a "gymnast" myself until I realized I could never get over my fear of the vault.

  10. These are just the cutest little cakes I've seen! They look so delish! I have been loving the gymnastics too. My sister and I thought we were so good when we were little, when actually we were just doing round off's!

    Hope to try your cute cakes soon!

  11. I haven't seen Peanut Butter Oreos... These are cute- a good way for force portion control for those of us *cough*me*cough* who tend to lose our will power in the face of dessert!

  12. I am stealing the idea of using muffin pans to make individual ice cream cakes. It may help limit my family's intact.

  13. Love the music today... but I have a hard time reading and listening to music/tv at the same time. I'm weird that way!!

    I think you know that I have a fascination with desserts that use candy bars. For some reason they're just that much for fun and decadent. This looks like a great summery treat. Not good for my growing thighs but a good treat nonetheless.

  14. Whoa these look fantastic! I like watching swimming and track.

  15. Oh yes I'll defenetly need this kind of energy for when I'm exerciting my eyes watchi the Olympics! I'm having some issues this year with it beacuse if the time difference :(
    Anyway I love the cute ice cream cake and I just know I could eat 2 or 3 in one sitting!

  16. OH MY!!! This is the kind of mini dessert that I LOVE!!!

  17. I saw Kerri Strug at a Jamba Juice in Santa Monica, when I was in law school. She was teeny tiny.

  18. Emiline, I have a serious problem with Oreos - I can't stop eating them!
    Sometimes I think it's a good thing we don't have all those Oreo variations here in Brazil. :)

    That is a wonderful dessert. And I think you are having a blast watching M. Phelps!

  19. There really is something special about ice cream and peanut butter. I don't know why, but together it's like 1+1 = 30 I know... it's like a super synergistic effect.

    Remember those Butterfinger commercials with Bart Simpson... those were the days :)

  20. Gooey, decadent, and totally "sinful" but oh goodness do they look good!

    It's too funny... I was just watching the men's volleyball yesterday! AND I got totally into it. How funny is that?!?!


  21. this looks soooo u have a low-fat version? Nah, that was a joke - certain foods shouldn't even come low fat - lol.


  22. I haven't seen PB oreos! It's definitely not good that those exist. But your little ice cream cakes look really delicious!

  23. You're killing me. As I was getting the mail in my office today, I caught a glance of a butterfinger in the vending machine. And I haven't stopped thinking about it. And then I see this...

  24. I've always been a winter olympics kind of gal. The figure skating just rocks my world (The cutting edge was like my favorite movie when I was a tween)- I remeber being glued, GLUED to the screen when the whole Tonya/Nancy/Knee whacking was going on....

    Anyhoo...why ya gotta tease me with these lil buuterfinger ice cream cake concoctions? I'd have to work out for 3 hours to counteract it's effects. It would be so worth it.

  25. I loooove watching the Olympics :0)

    Cutest. Ice. Cream. Cakes. Ever.

  26. I like no-bake desserts and this looks stupendous.

    I like track and field, and gymnastics, to watch that is, not actualy do.

  27. I love watching the Olympics! The men's 4x100m relay in swimming was incredible, and I've been enjoying the beach volleyball.

    Wow, these look incredible, like an ice cream Snickers pie, but better because it has Butterfingers!

  28. oh my gosh! these are so adorable i squealed when i saw them!!! they look delicious! you must be having fun taste testing all these treats :)

  29. i took gymnastics for four years and now i can barely touch my toes. and it's not because i have a tendency to eat multiple servings of treats like this in one sitting. no, it's just because i've become a sloth and never stretch anymore.
    i should make my point. my point is this--these are fabulous.

  30. I think yopu need a big job in product develpoement with Mars or whoever produces these candies. You are bad for everyones diet and I bet your really skinny to boot!

  31. Love it. Only thing is, I would probably eat them all at once...

    (while watching the Olympics- swim and gymnastics)

  32. Hmm wow. These look incredibly good. You keep showing me all these amazing sweets that are so tempting to make--it's really hard to say no to them... they're so inventive and they combine all the right things like butterfingers and ice cream!

  33. AHHHHHH, but what can you do with a Snickers, ay?

  34. What a cute presentation :D. This looks like it'd make a really cute birthday cake...or ice cream cake? One of those :D.

    Aww, put the music back on! (If you use the playlist on my blog, you can program it to not start when your blog opens up :).

    Music and yummy desserts, could there be a better combo?! :)

    P.S. Did ya ever check out minipop? I'm getting tired of my playlist, have any recommendations? :)

  35. You are just amazing!!!!! But you have to be some kind of super athlete yourself to burn off all those calories!!!

  36. A very yummy and cute combination. This is the kind of thing I would make if I wanted to make a special dessert for my husband but didn't have the time to go all out and bake.

  37. Yes, I've gotten sucked into the Olympics, too. We spend hours watching the swimming and gymnastics. I think this ice cream cake of yours is the perfect treat to eat while watching someone else exercise.

  38. I wanted to get back with you from a question I posed to you a week or so ago. I had asked for your suggestions for a cake for my mom's birthday. I ended up using a Southern Living recipe for Orange Chiffon Cake. Here's the link to my blog with pictures of the cake.
    You can read my review of it on that post. Thanks again for your efforts!

  39. These look AMAZING. Why so little though? Why not HUGE Butterfinger Ice Cream Cakes? Just kidding! (Kinda.) Can't wait to try these out.

    One more thing . . . this is your blog, so if you like music, put it back on, I say! Those who don't like it can always mute their speakers. :)

  40. These should seriously be illegal! I must try these today!

  41. omg this looks so good! i'm going to have to buy some oreos and butterfingers so i can make this!!!

  42. The only event I want to see at the Olympics is the trampoline.

  43. Those little guys sound so good! Butterfingers are my favorites :-)

  44. when i was a kid, i insisted every year tht my birthday cake had to be an icecream one with an awesome generous sponge base. it was just something abt cake and ice cream that worked best for me.
    i can't live without ice cream and this - i doubt i can live without as well. bitesized ice cream cakes?? genius!

  45. I'm so behind on commenting.

    Thanks for these lovely comments!

    Lisa, no Oreos in Poland? What a shame!

    Mrs. L, I always forget how good they are. The Butterfingers.

    Peter G, I like diving too. I forgot about that.

    CC, you too? Not cool.

    Debbie, thanks!

    BB, I agree. I ate 5 out of the 6 I made.

    Brittany, YES!

    MM, I hate diets.

    Sharon, yeah, they have all kinds of flavors now.

    Jenny, oh! I remember doing round offs too!

    Pumpkin, they're very rich!

    Eat, steal away.

    Recipegirl, I bet your thighs are fine. Oh, that sounded kind of perverted. Didn't mean it that way.

    Mary, thanks!

    CC, where's my kugel?

    SS, I love mini stuff too.

    Patricia, YES! Holy cow am I!

    Adam, I sure do. :)

    Cindy, I watched kayaking yesterday. :(

    DT, CP, DEB, thanks!

    Brittany, I like ice skating too. Apollo Anton Ono? Huh? YEAH! *High five*

    Veggiegirl, Jan, Christina, Heather, Grace, thank you!

    Courtney, good idea!

    Annie, Panda, thanks!

    CDM, Hmm, I'll think about it.

    J Danger, Nina, Rachel, Lynn, yep!

    Colin's Mom, that sounds wonderful. I'll be by tomorrow to read about it.

    Sandy Smith, I guess that's true. I thought it was kind of distracting also. So, I'm neutral.

    Steph, Natalie, thanks!

    Lbluca, that would be fun!

    Panini Kathy, Jerry, Diva, I agree.

  46. OMG what are you doing to me? These look amazingly good and I wish we could get Butterfingers here in the UK ;o(


  47. yay!! this is soooo good!! i could imagine the your new design soooo PLUMy :-)

  48. This would be a fantastic summer dessert - they look devine. Shame about the high jump incident. I was always hopeless at sport and was the butt of PE teacher sarcasm, so have never had much interest in it.

  49. IKWYM, I get tired watching the Olympics too. And three cheers for men's volleyballs. I mean ball. VolleyBALL.