Honey I'm Nuts About You-Wheat Krispie Treats

T hank you for all of your meal suggestions. They really, really helped me and gave me some ideas. Hopefully all of your comments helped some others as well.

Here are the most popular suggestions for quick, easy & healthy dinners:

-Stir fry with vegetables and rice/pasta
-Veggie wraps
-Panini/grilled sandwiches
-Salads with vegetable/chicken
-Eggs or omelettes

I didn't think about this, but keeping certain condiments and sauces on hand can make meals a little more interesting. Hummus, salsa, teriyaki and soy sauce, jarred pasta sauces and salad dressings are all useful. I definitely need to buy some salsa. When I lived at home we always had a jar of salsa in the refrigerator... and tortillas. Packages and packages of tortillas - we really like Mexican food! :)
Salsa is a healthy, affordable way to spice up quesadillas, soups, vegetables, and grains - not to mention it's a good snack with tortilla chips.

-Many of you use George Foreman grills or indoor grills for cooking sandwiches, meat, and vegetables. I'm thinking the "Griddler" might be a good investment... I obtained a gift card from Williams Sonoma, months ago, and have yet to use it.

-Another useful tip: when you do have time to cook, make big portions and save the leftovers and feast on them all week. Most of you already know that tip, haha. I don't usually get sick of leftovers, so I could definitely do this.

-Buy produce from ethnic and farmers' markets. The Springfield farmers' market started up last weekend, and I think I'm going to swing by on Saturday and stock up on vegetables. Maybe I'll find something unique!

Anyway, that last post was very helpful to me, so thank you. And wow - I didn't know there were so many almond milk fans out there! I'm buying some as soon as possible.

Lastly, a certain "Canadian anonymous" in the comments section gave me a direction to go in with the puffed wheat. They left a a recipe that reminded me of rice krispie treats, and used butter, sugar and corn syrup. Apparently these treats in Canada are considered trashy. Trashy treats.

I'm game for some trashy treats. I didn't use the recipe, but created my own and made them more like rice krispie treats. "Honey I'm Nuts About You-Wheat Krispie Treats." Whahahaha. How do you like that title? That's just nutty.

I melted butter, almond butter, marshmallows, honey, and a little bit of salt in a saucepan, and then stirred in the puffed wheat and some toasted chopped almonds. Then I spread the mixture into a lined 8x8-inch pan and let it cool before slicing.

This is such an easy, stupid recipe. But you know what? They were kind of good and addicting. The treats tasted like Honey Smacks cereal. Who doesn't love Honey Smacks?! And that amped-up looking frog, high on sugar, corn syrup, and honey.

Honey I'm Nuts About You-Wheat Krispie Treats 

2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 tablespoon almond butter
2 cups mini marshmallows
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 1/2 cups puffed wheat
1/2 cup finely chopped almonds, toasted

Line an 8x8-inch baking dish with foil; coat foil with cooking spray.

Melt butter and almond butter in a large pot over medium heat. Stir in marshmallows, honey and salt, and stir until melted. Stir in puffed wheat and almonds until combined. Press mixture into prepared dish. Cool completely before lifting out foil and slicing into bars.

Makes 9 big treats


  1. I used a recipe similar to this that I found in The Kind Diet and it came about delicious and healthier too!

  2. I would eat these all day long if I made them! I'll just pretend and reach in and touch my computer screen. Not as tasty though.

  3. Sounds like you got a ton of great suggestions. Those Wheat Krispie Treats look yummy. I need to find a vegetarian friendly "marshmallow." I haven't had krispie treats in 17 yrs...sad.

  4. When I was working at the doctors office there were about half of the staff from Saskatchewan, Canada who all grew up on Puffed Wheat Squares. It must be a prairie thing but one I easily adopted.

  5. I have such a hard time cooking in bulk! Maybe I just eat too much :P. Probably that, oh well!

    These are really cool, so many moms would love to serve these to their kiddos. A healthy treat. I remember puffed wheat, it is tasty.

  6. oh emily, you outdo kellogg's anytime! these look scrrrumptious. (:

  7. You really should get a griddler... it's one of my favorite kitchen applicances, and I use it at least 2 times a week. Don't you just love getting giftcards to Williams Sonoma?!?

  8. Another almond milk fan here! I love it in oatmeal or quinoa for breakfast, and for a healthier hot chocolate with cocoa powder and truvia or stevia. And because I like almonds so much, I obviously think these treats sound perfect :)

  9. I love puffed wheat. Smacks? Remember them? They were awesome. Wish someone would make those for me.


  10. Ack. Did you say jarred pasta sauce? Instead of stocking up on those additive-laden jars, just make a big pot of your own marinara (so easy to make) and then freeze it by the quart. You still have it on hand for a quick dinner and you can jazz it up and make it into meat sauce or vodka sauce, or puttanesca sauce...

    Fun recipe. Definitely a change from standard rice krispie treats. Love the almond butter addition. So many things are better with almond butter!

  11. Great snack for anytime of the day!

  12. yummm! those look good. what? why are they trashy? hahah

    yeah def try out almond milk- the almond breeze brand is the best. get a bunch of flavors!!

    it would be cool if you like did a review of all the almond milk flavors!

    I like the way your blog is headed right now. I mean I read a lot of those health blogs like HEAB and Chocolate Covered Katie but I feel like those girls are naturally healthy you know (I LOVE THEIR BLOGS, DONT GET ME WRONG)? Like I know you like to bake and consider treats to be actually cookies (not like avocado pudding) and so you eating more healthy is really inspiring me to eat healthier myself :) Thanks!

  13. I love the name of these guys and the fact that you used almond butter (which is a favorite of mine as well). I think I might make this ASAP!!

  14. I used to love Honey Smacks. That might account for my record number of cavities.

    What a great recipe. You should work for Quaker Oats!

  15. Very great recipes! I would love some sort of Granola bar krispie treat too!

  16. oh yummy! hmmm I have Honey Smacks, I wonder if I could use those and leave out some of the sweet stuff? Worth trying for sure!

  17. These Krispie Treats look delicious and definitely going to try to make them! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Also just another quick recommendation for a easy to make dinner recipes: Pizzas made with Low Cal/Low Carb Tortilla such as La Tortilla Factory (only 80 cals each)!

    We use them for all of our meals - breakfast (egg burritos), Lunch (all types of veggie, fruit wraps),dinners (pizzas) and snacks.

    If you are interested we list our favorite pizza recipe (Italian Veggie Pizza - only 195 calories) on our site under 'food findings'

    Hope you can enjoy too! Thanks again!

  18. Another condiment that I always have on hand is sriracha sauce, or rooster sauce. Its in the asian foods section, a red sauce in a clear plastic bottle, with a rooster on the front. It is spicy goodness!

  19. let it never be said that i passed up a trashy treat. :) i love the almonds in these!

  20. You have had a William Sonoma gift card for months?? Are you crazy? I know we don't have one here but free William Sonoma =road trip! There's one in Bentonville. I could spend a $1000 there is about 6 minutes. I think The Griddler would be a great choice. :)
    E 65809

  21. Considering my obsession with rice krispy treats, I can only imagine that another cereal just open up my eyes to well, just another obsession. Great idea!

  22. I'm quite certain that I would like any treat with the word "trashy" in the title. that's how I roll ;)

  23. I have another great tip: go to culinary school and you'll have PLENTY of food to take home, hehe! ;-)
    at least thats what i just discovered. that combined with all the food i "sample" i.e. scoff down after demonstrations means i really have to watch it now or ill be 300 pounds by the end of my course! ;P and think about it, the food is only gonna get better!

    so for tonight: coffee ├ęclairs and filled choux pastry swans... thank god there's still some roast chicken from yesterday's class or id get a sugar shock..! ;)

  24. The Krispie Treats look delicious! A twist on the usual ones. Here's another tip - when I make my own meatballs and pasta sauce I make enough to feed about 10 people even though there are only 3 of us. I freeze the rest of it in containers and usually will have enough for two more meals! Tomato sauce and meatballs freeze great. I've been doing this for years!

  25. Definitely get the Griddler! I dont use mine as often as I'd like, but compared to other grilling machines I've used its definitely the best/easiest to clean!

    Those puffed wheat squares look pretty delish. Almond butter makes everything better!

    I am also Canadian and love the humble snack that is the lightly cocoa flavoured, corn-syrup sticky puffed wheat square. I have never heard anyone call them trashy though LOL! I would recommend trying the traditional recipe too as they are strangely addictive!

    Love your blog girl, keep it coming! :)

  26. I'm all about trashy food! These look quite tasty to me.

  27. Oh my gosh - totally forgot about Honey Smacks. The frog - ahhh, brings back so many memories.

    Your Wheat Krispie Treats sound perfect - love the addition of almond butter. That makes them healthy, right? ;)

    Mexican food is my fav!!!!

  28. Sometimes the most simple recipes are the tastiest!! And anything that involves cereal has to be good.

  29. Love these healthy treats! They look great!

  30. I'm an old rice krispie treat lover from way back, but I have to tell you I even like the way these look! Much more depth to them. And I bet they're every bit as good, if not better!
    Super recipe, Emily!

  31. Those ARE fun and I love the name for sure!
    (Almond Milk, in my opinion, is an acquired taste. I bought some a while back and definitely couldn't drink it plain. Thought it was a little too strange of a flavor making oatmeal with all milk, but it's not horrible.)

  32. Anything with the word trashy in it, and I'm all ears!! This looks soo good!