Odds ‘n Ends

Well, I’m doing a bit of housecleaning with this post.  There’s lots of “important” information to cover today.  First, let me explain the picture above.  These are the cake pops I made the other night for a contest (prize was a trip to L.A.).  It was sponsored by the show New Girl.  Has anyone seen it?  I’ve been watching New Girl and think it’s pretty funny.  Anyway, you had to create an “adorkable” cake pop using Duncan Hines cake mixes. 

I made bell shapes using their Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix, stuffed with a Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses.  Then I dunked them in candy melts and silver sprinkles.  I shaped letters out of fondant and painted them with orange food coloring and melted chocolate.  This took me hours!  I know it doesn’t look like much… and they’re ugly.  But seriously.  Took me hours.

You may be wondering why I made bells and spelled out “Eye of the Tiger.”  Well, it has to do with an episode on the show.  Jess (the main character) has to teach some of her students to play the bells.  Her friend Winston takes over and tries to teach them Eye of the Tiger. 

Anyway, that’s the story behind the cake pops.  I skimmed through the other entries and I don’t stand a chance of winning that trip to L.A.  People actually crafted all of the character’s faces into cake pops.  Oh well.  I actually did have fun making these! 

Well I read through your answers to my questions in the last post, and it’s official: most everyone is sick of cake pops and cupcakes as a food trend.
I completely agree with you.  I’m so sick of cupcakes!  I may or may not be sick of cake pops, too.  Depends on if I win that trip to L.A.  Winking smile

Thanks for answering the questions, by the way!  I had so much fun reading all of your answers.  It really was one of my favorite blog posts ever, just because of the comments.  If you haven’t gone through and read them yet – you should!

One Anonymous person in the comments asked if I’d answer the questions, too.  Wellll, if you really insist, anonymous! 

What’s one food you can’t keep around the house because you can’t stop eating it? 
Cinnamon rolls.  If you set a pan of cinnamon rolls in front of me, I probably could eat them all.  I’ve never tried this before, but I’m confident I could do it. 

What’s your favorite classic movie? 
I’d like to watch more classic movies.  That’s why I asked what your favorites were.  I guess I would say Gone with the Wind or Mary Poppins.  Does Space Balls count? 

What’s something you miss from being a kid? Riding my bike!  I rode my bike from when I was 6 to about 15, I think.  I miss it.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends with sliced banana, Greek yogurt and vanilla soy milk.  And a huge tumbler of coffee.

What are you good at?  What are you bad at? I’m good at cooking, baking and spouting out food knowledge.  I’m bad at everything else.  Including, sewing, math, car stuff, being punctual, and going to bed early.

What’s a food you miss? French toast sticks.  I used to eat those a lot when I was a kid. 

What music are you digging right now? John Lennon, Andrew Bird. The White Stripes.

What’s the last cookbook you read? I’m reading Momofuku Milk Bar right now and loving it.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t done yet? Go to pastry school.  But I’m in the process of making that happen!

That completes the set of questions.  Two last things.
#1 – Now we can reply to individual comments in the comment section!  Hurray!  That’ll be so much easier!
#2 – Check out these great sounding recipes on Cooking Channel’s blog!  Yum yum.  That pizza looks tasty.



  1. Love posts like this...and your last bit, pastry school? Well congrats in advance. You don't even need school. You need to write a cookbook and have your own show :)

    And Momofuku...it's on my to-buy list. Everyone who knows how to cook says they love it!

  2. Space Balls totally counts. Trust me.

  3. That pizza looks really, really tasty--congrats on making the top 3! WooHoo! :)

  4. Hope you win! And pastry school sounds so exciting, you go girl!

  5. I'll say a prayer so that you win. You totally should because these pops look awesome.

  6. That first picture made me smile! I've never seen New Girl, but I sure as heck have "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in my head now! =)

    I used to eat french toast sticks like they were going out of style..

  7. Good luck! That pizza really looks tasty.

  8. These are so cute! I love New Girl :)

    - Maggie

  9. I loved french toast sticks when I was younger. I was talking to my mom about them the other day. Not something I could justify eating as an adult, but man they sound good! (I just tell myself they definitely wouldn't be as good now that I'm an adult and eat real food)

    1. That's what I've been telling myself, too! We should just go for it and eat some.

  10. I am a new girl FANATIC and I think this is MUCH more creative than just making the character's faces. Much more adorkable also. Jess would approve.

  11. Oh if Space Balls counts, then I'm adding Ferris Bueller :)

  12. I love reading your survey! And your cake pops are adorable, perfect for New Girl. I love that show, BTW! Can't wait for Jess and Nick to get together :)

  13. I got the MMB cookbook for Christmas. Fascinating! I haven't made anything from it yet, but I'm about to attempt the birthday cake for a friend. I had to special order some stuff from Amazon for that, and I'm still waiting on the acetate cake collars. Hope it's worth it!

    New Girl is great! So funny!

    1. That cake looks great! I need to order some glucose online.

  14. They're adorable! I haven't watched that show, but it sounds like you nailed the theme :) I'll be sending good contest vibes!

  15. I think they're cool looking. I could never make cake pops that look so good.

    Spaceballs is totally a classic movie. May the Schwartz be with you!

    You can totally still ride a bike! It's great exercise. When I go to Chincoteague in the summer I always try to carve out a few hours where I can rent a bike and just take a peaceful ride around the nature trails on Assateague. I used to stay at a B&B where they had bikes to borrow at your disposal. It was an awesome way to get around. Bike the back streets instead of dealing with the traffic on the main roads!

    Hope you get to go to LA!

  16. New girl is the best comedy show on television right now. It's just so unexpectedly ridiculous. I love it!!