Day Nine

Friday, July 27, 2012
i 015

The candy making continues!  Today we made pastilles, which is just French for lozenge.  Pastilles sounds so much better, though.  Past-ee.

The candy was only made from three ingredients: sucrose, glucose and water.  We added green food coloring and mojito mint flavoring to them.

Melina has been my partner in pastry class for the past two weeks.  She said I could use this picture of her on the blog.  Thanks, Melina!  She’s Greek, she’s fabulous, and she makes good brownies.  In this picture she’s trying to make perfect pastilles using a sauce gun.  We had to use a blow torch  on the bottom of the gun to heat the sugar-mixture up a bit.  I can’t say I’ve ever used a blow torch before.  They’re fun… I know what I want for Christmas.  Blow torch.  And sauce gun. 

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I made some guimauve (marshmallow) today, dyed it pink, and flavored it with lemon and strawberry extract. 

i 012

I rolled them in yellow-dyed sugar later on.  They’re so good!  Strawberry-Lemonade Marshmallows!

i 016
This is our sour cherry pate de fruit.  We overcooked it a bit; it was chewy, but not bad.  The flavor was good.  My favorite pate de fruit so far has been the raspberry. 

i 018
I made this caramel today with toasted pecans and fleur de sel.  Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to try this tomorrow.  I’ve been giving away all of my candy this week, but I might have to keep these caramels for myself. 

i 021
Chocolate nougat.  I prefer this kind over the original.  Really, really good. 

i 023

It was another good day of pastry school!  The only downfall was when I was cut my hand when I was getting ready to leave.  No, not on a knife.  Why would you think that? 
I cut my hand on a shelf in my locker.   
13 comments on "Day Nine"
  1. OK this is becoming dangerous, you are making me have fantasies of jacking in all my previous career ideas and going to pastry school. It looks so friggin good, are you enjoying it tons?

  2. Oh man, that caramel. My favorite out of everything!

  3. I bet your caramels will be divine, especially with the pecans and fleur de sel (salt??)!! You are living a dream come true, that's for sure!! I bet you really look forward to each and every day!

    Take care, Emily!

  4. Mmmm, nougats are my favorite. I'm definitely going to make some this year.

  5. Funnily enough, a blowtorch was my christmas present last year. I love the quaint size of the cooking blowtorches, like pocket blowtorches. They seem to come in handy in so many ways, plus are much more effective than using a broiler for creme brulée.

    Your paté de fruit looks delish. I'm drooling.

    1. I really do need one!

      Thank you! Pate de fruit is so delicious.

  6. Okay. You can send me some of the caramels, the chocolate nougat, and the strawberry lemonade marshmallow! Yum! Sorry about your hand by the way. Mean ol' locker shelves. Jumping out to bite people. It's just not right I tell you.

  7. Emily, I have been a long time blog follower and have really enjoyed your recipes and posts but I am sooo loving your recaps of pastry school! Thank you for taking the time to include us, your readers, in your experience!