Day Fifteen

Saturday, August 4, 2012
f 014

Ice cream week is complete!  I’m a little sad, though.  I don’t think four ice cream cakes in my freezer is enough.  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I RUN OUT?! 

This week wasn’t terribly difficult, except for the melting issues.  We had to hurry, hurry everything because the ice cream would melt, so that was tricky.  I could have done better on the piping on the ice cream cake in that picture above, but I was in a major hurry.  We were having student evaluations, and getting ready to clean up the kitchen for the day. 

That’s the chocolate wood grain cake.  Bad name, huh?  Yeah, I agree with you.  Such a pretty cake should have a pretty name.  It’s hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate ice cream, pistachio ice cream, whipped cream, caramelized hazelnuts.  The top of the cake is sprayed with chocolate, and the sides of the cake are covered in chocolate, too.

You place a strip of acetate down, paint chocolate over the top, then run a wood grain tool over the chocolate.  Paint white chocolate on top, and you’re ready to go!  The chocolate strip is then wrapped around your ice cream cake…
f 010

…to create a wood grain effect.  Don’t forget to take the acetate off the cake before serving at your dinner party!  That would be awkward. 
f 011

The finished cake.
f 015

We also made spun sugar by cooking isomalt and water to create a syrup.
f 012

We chose to dye ours blue.  This is a little spun sugar nest you could use for desserts. 
Or, as a hat. 
f 013

Myspace-esque bathroom picture at French Pastry School!  I like our uniform; if I had to wear this uniform to work every day, I’d be okay with that.  It’s comfy, and my clogs are comfy too.  I’m not a big fan of my hat because my hair will fit inside the hat, but then it starts falling off the back of my head like I’m some sort of beanie-wearing hipster.

f 003

And yes, that’s how I’m ending this post.

Oh, and I spelled bombe wrong in the last post. 
12 comments on "Day Fifteen"
  1. That looks great and delicious! Love your daily round up. So fun for you to be livin' a dream!

  2. Seriously could there be anything better than the combination of meringues and ice cream???

    Your spun sugar is soooo gorgeous. Do you have to use isomalt and is that why it's so hard for civilians to make it? I want to be you!

    1. They said the isomalt was easier to work with, but not as tasty as sugar. I guess you wouldn't want to use it in a restaurant.

  3. What a beatiful cake!!!! and this string caramel, impressive!

  4. Oh my gosh you are so cute! I like The headband(??) in your hair! I love your spun sugar nest too. It looked yummy AND stylish! And the cake...oh the cake! I think it's a stunning cake! Great job on ice cream week!

  5. All of your projects make me think that I should help "dispose" of them, as in my belleh.

    Shame to waste ... heh

  6. I think spinning sugar is the coolest thing ever! LOVE the look of that stuff.

  7. This is so cool. That spun sugar hat is awesome. Great picture too!