Day Thirteen

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
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Today was a little less hectic, thank goodness.  We split up half of the day; the first part was making ice cream, and the second part was spent in lecture.  A sorbet lecture, that is.  I liked the sorbet lecture, even though it involved a bit of math.  We learned the percentage of water, sugar, and fruit to use in a sorbet. 

The picture above is a Silpat with caramelized hazelnuts on top.  The caramelized hazelnuts are pretty easy to make.  You melt sugar and water in a pan, stir in hazelnuts, and stir and cook until toasted.  A little cocoa butter is stirred in at the end.  They tasted so good!  Just like caramel popcorn.  We’re using them for a chocolate ice cream cake (made with hazelnut dacquoise). 

These are our ice cream bombs.  They’re formed in the domes you see to the left.  We placed a layer of raspberry coulis on the bottom, and then filled it with vanilla parfait.  It’s not like the yogurt parfait you’re thinking of – I know, I thought the same thing.  Vanilla parfait is a vanilla custard with whipped cream folded in.

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So after we took the molded, frozen vanilla parfait out of the dome, we froze it again.  We filled the bottom and edges of a larger dome with chocolate ice cream. then placed the vanilla parfait in the middle.  Then topped everything with our baked sable cookie rounds, and covered it with more ice cream.

a 015

We spun our chocolate ice cream today.  Action shot:

a 013

I had a little taste, and it’s good.  Very, very good.  I’ll truly know how good it is tomorrow. 

My Vacherin!  The bottom layer is French meringue, and it’s topped with apricot sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and more meringue.

a 003

Slathered with Crème Chantilly (whipped cream), and meringue fingers.  Then more whipped cream and some (individually quick frozen) blackberries.  The IQF fruit doesn’t bleed juice everywhere.  It’s fancy fruit.

a 011

Now it’s time for dessert.

18 comments on "Day Thirteen"
  1. Caramelized hazelnuts!! YUM! I have never used a silpat, but I want to get one.

  2. Amazing!! I'm enjoying your classes so much! :)

  3. I love that you have kept up posting everyday! It's great and I am sure you will look back on these posts too! :)

  4. I am enjoying this so much! I look forward to your posts :)

  5. I'm totally jealous. I would like to work with one of these machine that freeze ice cream and sorbet in 5 minutes... so much easier this way!!!! Everything looks good!

  6. Wow! The Vacherin looks and sounds amazing!! I hope we get an inside picture of the bomb you made. It sounds awesome and I would love to see the layers. I thought ice cream week would be a bit boring but it has proved to be anything but!

  7. Is "jealouser" a word? Because every post I read of yours, I get jealouser and jealouser.... ha! Good girl, keep up the good work!!!

  8. Oh my god, that looks so good! Well done-as your GM would say!

    1. Aww thank you! Gosh, I miss GM. I think about her just about every day.