Day Twelve

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
This was a crazy day; we had so much to do, and I wasn’t on my game.  I kept forgetting little details.  I kept forgetting to take pictures, too.

Here’s what we had to do today:
-Spin tropical ginger sorbet (Freezing sorbet or ice cream is called spinning.  Which is what I’m going to have to do to burn off all this ice cream)
-Spin raspberry sorbet.
-Cut meringues into perfect circles.
-Roll out sable dough, cut into two large circles + shapes, and bake.
-Make and bake hazelnut dacquoise.
-Make chocolate ice cream
-Make pistachio ice cream.
-Assemble pineapple dessert/start assembling ice cream cake.

I think that’s it.  All in 2 1/2 hours.  It can be done, though.

This is the sable dough we made yesterday.  It should be crumbly and light after it’s been baked.  This is a good dough to use for an ice cream cake since it’s so tender.  Almond flour and cooked hard boiled egg yolks makes this sable nice and tender.  That’s not the first time I’ve use hard boiled egg yolk in a cookie

p 007

Here’s our sable circles after they’ve been baked.

p 010

This is the hazelnut dacquoise; it’s a mixture of whipped egg whites, sugar, salt, hazelnut flour, and confectioners’ sugar.


p 006


p 009
They’re supposed to be that brown.  Chef calls that “French brown”.   Apparently we’re under baking our pastries in the United States. 

How would you like to own one of these bad boys?  This professional ice cream maker spins ice cream in less than five minutes. 

p 008
I’ll have more ice cream pictures for you tomorrow.  Today was hectic. 

p 005

This is my “pineapple surprise” that I assembled a little too quickly.  I had trouble piping because the tropical ginger sorbet was getting melty.  It’s a hollowed out pineapple filled with raspberry coulis, candied pineapple, sorbet, and frozen raspberries. 

I like sorbets if I’m going to blend them with yogurt to make a smoothie, or blend them with alcohol to make a mixed drink, but I don’t typically eat them for dessert.  Unless it’s sorbet on top of a slab of flourless chocolate cake.  That would be just fine.

The texture of the sorbet was pretty amazing – light and creamy, and not icy at all.  I think the excellent texture was because of the ice cream machine and how quickly it was able to freeze the sorbet. 

My favorite was the lychee sorbet that my instructor made.  Any lychee fans in the house?  I’ve never had an actual lychee before. 

I’m starting to ramble so that’s a sign it’s time to go.

21 comments on "Day Twelve"
  1. I still need to try lychee... what an intriguing sorbet flavor! Love the pineapple presentation.

  2. OMG! I LOVE lychee sorbet. Did your instructor add a bit of lychee liqueur to it? That makes it even better.

    I am definitely underbaking my hazelnut meringues. You do know that that is my all-time favorite thing to make AND eat. Did you get some dry ice so when you send it to me, it'll be perfect?

    1. Sue, didn't you get a lychee martini when we went to Spice House? I don't think she did.

      No I didn't know that! I would love to send you some! I've never made them before.

  3. Hard boiled eggs in a cookie? I've never heard of that! Loving your posts. Good luck to you!
    aka Alwildas daughter

  4. I've had lychee fruit several times. Each time I think I'm going to love it and I'm just disappointed. I had a lychee martini a few years ago that was pretty yummy. Maybe the secret is using it IN something instead of just eating the fruit.

    1. I bet you're right. Maybe you got some bad ones? I saw some at Treasure Island that were pretty sad looking.

  5. Wow! Sounds like an intense day! But it looks like you made lots of yummy stuff!

    I love lychee - I make an awesome lychee martini...which in my opinion is the best way to enjoy lychee ;)

  6. Wow. I've never heard of using hard boiled egg yolk in cookies. I'm definitely going to have to give that a try. And I've also never heard of lychee. I'm so excited you made pistachio ice cream! It's one of my faves for sure!

  7. Your dacquoise (I had to scroll back up to remember how to spell that) looked wonderful. That's another thing I've had trouble with.

    Count me in as someone else who is now craving a lychee martini!

  8. I am loving the pictures in these posts - everything is so impressive!

  9. I love lychees. They are actually really yummy, tasting almost like a cherry. I also love good sorbet, too bad most sorbet out there isn't good. But is should be very creamy, almost like ice cream. Apricot is my favorite. Keep up the good work!

    1. That's funny that we used apricot! I wish you could be here to try it!

  10. Lychees are DELISH, once you get past the whole "looks-like-an-eyeball" thing. :)