Day Forty-Five

Monday, September 17, 2012
I can’t believe I’m almost halfway finished with school!  This is going by way too fast; the weeks are flying by.  This week we’re learning sugar sculptures.  I’m excited more than I thought I’d be.  Chocolate sculptures got me interested in this sculpture business.  We have master-of-all-things-sugar/pastry daredevil Chef Green this week as an instructor.  He makes everything look sooo easy.  It’s not. 

Except that sugar dome (above).  That was easy.  It’s just sugar and vinegar pressed into a mold.  I was able to do that. 

We also made a pulled sugar, that we didn’t pull…

We cast it into rings, instead.  I’m a fan of this color.  It’s this really pretty purple color. 

We also made pastillage, which is a mixture of confectioners’ sugar, vinegar and gelatin.  It’s like sugar play dough. 

I rolled it into sticks… I don’t know what you call them.  Swirly sticks.  I did not do a good job.  I’ll have to practice again tomorrow.  We also zapped a hunk of pastillage in the microwave and it turned into this crispy material that we broke up into chunks.  I don’t know what we’re doing with that yet. 

I crafted these rocks out of pastillage and black dye.  Don’t they look like real rocks? !  These look like they’d make some good skippin’ stones. 

The rocks will go on our sugar showpiece, as well.  It sounds like this  sculpture is going to have a lot going on.

How do I make myself not tired when I wake up at five?  Three large cups of coffee didn’t help.  

Don’t tell me to get more sleep.  There’s blogging to be done!
8 comments on "Day Forty-Five"
  1. Pastillage is giving me ideas for my family's annual gingerbread house this year.

  2. I don't think I could wake up at 5:00. I don't know how you do it!

  3. As painful as it sounds, try some jumping jacks or sun salutations when you wake up. Maybe getting the blood flowing will wake you up, sounds logical. The hard part will be doing it. Can't wait to see your sugar sculpture!

  4. I love eating candy (even though I know it's not called candy..) that looks like rocks!

    They're beautiful!

  5. Those rocks are perfect.

    I can't wait to see what you're doing with that sugar sculpting.

  6. starbucks makes a large energy drink..cant think of the name...not coffee..its kinda like a "monster energy drink" but it tastes way better...its big too...has lots a vit b--or so it says...anyway,,,drink that but drink it EARLY in the day...seems like it takes a long time for it to work...but boy-o-boy I WAS AWAKE!!!!! this might help with the "staying awake" portion of your very long day...i think your sugar roses are beautiful...even if you are a beginner! really, and am not just saying that cuz im your favorite #1 auntie!! haha!! keep up the good work!! am sure yer ma an pa are pleased as punch with your success!! hugs!!! #1 auntie cah-l