Day Thirty-Six

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Featuring my lovely hand model and partner, Kimberly.

This is what I’ve discovered: taking pictures during chocolate week is difficult.  Why?  Because I always, always have chocolate on my hands and it’s hard to pull out my phone and snap pictures.  We’re wrapping up chocolate production tomorrow, so I should be able to take better photos on Thursday (when we enrobe the chocolates) and Friday (when we wrap everything up). 

I’m thinking if you’ve been following along with me and all of this chocolate-making, you’re probably confused.  As am I.  I can hardly keep straight all of the chocolate we’ve made.

Here’s the list:
-Creamy from Normandy chocolates (basic creamy, buttery chocolate)
-The Columbian chocolates (coffee)
-Earl Gray chocolates
-Rum truffles
-Chocolates with caramel filling (with vanilla liqueur)
-Chocolates with pistachio-white chocolate filling
-Butter masses (butter chocolate ganache w/Grand Marnier logs rolled in powdered sugar)
-Gianduja chocolates (hazelnut paste)
-Chocolate hazelnut trios
-Chocolate covered nougatine
-Peanut butter milk chocolates (made today)
-Royaltine (made today)

The royaltine was kind of amazing, and I’d think you all would like it.  I don’t have a picture, so just picture this in your head: feuilletine (crispy tuile cookie flakes) mixed with melted milk chocolate and hazelnut praline paste, heaped into little mounds.  Kind of like those candies you make with chow mein noodles but much better and classier. 

I did the truffle shuffle today and rolled these chocolate balls in two layers of chocolate and cocoa powder.


We capped some of our chocolate today by warming the surface with this tool (like a hair dryer without air) and pouring melted chocolate on top.  I don’t know what this tool is.  I’m not handy at all.


I guess that’s it for today.  Oh, I did want to mention that I received a B+ on my combined practical and written exams.  Not bad!  I’m pretty happy with that.  If I hadn’t messed up my marshmallows I think I would have gotten an A.  Yup, I messed up my guimauve during exams week.  I scaled all of the ingredients really fast and I think I doubled up on the gelatin.  Those mallows were chewy!  That makes me so mad because I’ve made marshmallows quite a few times and never had that happen.   

But I really am grateful for my test scores.  I’m not as terrible as I thought! 
15 comments on "Day Thirty-Six"
  1. I think this would be great to learn! And truffles are my favourite..what a great texture.

  2. I love feullatine -- but at $50+ for a tiny container of it, I don't use it very much as an ingredient! The heat gun tool looks like a paint stripper to me. So many uses for things in the basement!

    1. Tom, wow that's so expensive. The blog, BraveTart, has a recipe for homemade feullatine. You should check it out! Ohhh so it's a paint stripper! Thank you. That makes sense now.

  3. Yay for a good test score. :)

  4. Good job on practical and exams! I feel your pain about the marshmallows; I hate overlooking stuff I usually get right. Next time.

    1. I hope I do better on the next test. I think I will be calmer next time. Why haven't you blogged??

  5. You are awesome!!! I'm so happy that you're doing so well. And that really is a fantastic grade. Keep up the amazing work.

    I'm assuming you're waiting until the weather cools down a bit to send me a big box of chocolates. Make sure to include some of the Royaltine ones.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I would love to send you some! Unfortunately, Eric and I ate all the royaltines already. Hahah.

  6. Wow, that's quite a list of chocolate candies!

  7. Congrats on your exam scores! And yum, all those chocolates sound amazing :)

  8. Wow...that's a lot of chocolates. But I guess if you dedicate an entire week to chocolate, you would have a few huh?? Congrats on your exam score!! Eh...let's just figure you were nervous and that's what happened with your marshmallows. :-)