Day Seventy

bv 001

No, we didn’t make jam today.  We did start wedding cakes class today  !!  This is something I’m really interested in.

It was a pretty easy day.  We baked a biscuit cake (whipped egg yolks and sugar folded into pastry flour and meringue). 


And made Italian meringue buttercream.


Tomorrow, we pipe.

About two weeks ago I was able to find Concord grapes.  I wish I had stocked up, because they’re so good; they taste like sweet tarts.   If I have any time after my stage tomorrow, I’m going to the farmers’ market to see if they’re still there. 

I love Concord grapes! 

bv 004

I made a quick jam.  I didn’t use pectin – only grapes and sugar.  I boiled the mixture until it was thickened and reduced, before straining out the seeds. 

bv 005

Now if I made some peanut butter I could have one good pb&j. 

bv 006


  1. Yum! Homemade peanut butter, homemade grape jam and homemade bread perhaps? =)

  2. I love concord grapes too. They make me understand why grape flavoring tastes the way grape flavoring does. I hate the seeds though. Even though Kevin likes the grapes, he won't eat them because he can't stand the seeds.

  3. I wish I was in a class like you are. I need something creative for me right now.

    1. I wish you were in the class with me. Maybe you should take a class in Canada?

  4. Italian buttercream is my favorite. I think it tastes best. It's definitely the most stable of the three kinds.