Day Sixty-Three & Sixty-Four

Saturday, October 13, 2012
q 002

Sorry, that’s not a great picture to start out with.  Oh, and also, sorry for not posting today!  I was going to but I had a sudden interview for an internship this morning.  It’s something I’m very, very interested in.  I don’t want to get my hopes up though, which I always do.

This passion fruit “curd” mixture tasted delicious.  It’s too loose to be considered a curd.  We folded it into a mixture of Italian meringue and whipped cream.

q 003
We layered the passion fruit mousse in between the coconut dacquoise we baked.

q 004

Oh, we layered the cake with candied pineapple and coconut-rum mousse, too!  I know… doesn’t that sound amazing?  I love all of those tropical flavors.

q 006
We froze the cake after that and moved on to finishing our pistachio dacquoise, layered with passion-apricot gelee, and nougat mousse.  We had to spread a clear glaze on top.  This is my partner, Annie.

q 007

Here it is!  This is a huge cake. 

q 009

The layers. 

q 010

Here’s the finished coconut cake.  We had to spread red, orange, and clear glaze on top.  I think it looks bad because I put too much on top.  It actually looked better in person.  I wish we could have just left it plain. 


Okay, so I tried both of the cakes and they’re good.  My entire class seemed to really like them.  I’m having this weird issue with the gelatin, though.  I guess I just don’t like the squishy texture of it.  I’m hoping to get over this soon.  Can anyone relate?

I took a picture of our classroom for you.  It’s a huge kitchen!

We sliced our chocolate biscuit cake and started to assemble. 

We made a chocolate mousse to go into the rings.

Then we topped it with chocolate cake.  Then more mousse!  This one is made with hazelnut and pralinette paste.  So it tastes like Nutella without the chocolate.


Then we added more layers of hazelnut dacquoise.  I’m going to like this cake, I can feel it.  We finish it on Monday.


And there you go!  The first week of cakes class.  I better get to bed.  I’m having tacos in Wicker Park tomorrow.   LOVE tacos!  Maybe I’ll have a margarita, too.

Love those “hated” desserts in the comments section!  SO funny.  I’ll pick a winner tomorrow!

P.S. Go Cardinals!!

2 comments on "Day Sixty-Three & Sixty-Four"
  1. My most hated dessert is Jell-O and my second most hated dessert is anything with coconut, so that first cake would be my Waterloo. But that hazelnut cake looks fabulous--Nutella without the palm oil, right, so it's almost like a 'healthy' version of the spread.