Days Seventy-Seven & Seventy-Eight

Friday, November 2, 2012

I haven’t been blogging that much this week because there’s not a lot to blog about.  We’ve been slowly crafting our gumpaste flowers over the past week.  We created the flowers by thinly rolling out gumpaste (we made ours from confectioners’ sugar, tylose, shortening, and egg whites), cutting out shapes using leaf cutters, then adding details like softening and curling the leaf edges, and adding veins.  So far we’ve made a lily, carnations, roses, daisies, blossoms, leaves, and an orchid. 

There’s my lily.  As the week progressed, I got better.  It was a little too late, though.  I would have shaped my roses better (I think the gumpaste was too dry so I had trouble), and not made my daisy centers so big.  I made daisies on steroids. 

Today we painted the flowers with colored dust and luster dust.  This was my favorite part of the week.  I love painting! 

The room was a glittery mess.  It was magical.  Like the North Pole.  Or where unicorns live. 

I blew my nose when I got home after class, and purple dust came out.  It was kind of fun.

Here’s my orchid.
Not as beautiful as the orchids I received last night from the mister.

I love them so much!  I love him so much. 

He knows me well… orchids and irises – my favorites. 


Now I want to try making an iris out of gumpaste.  Too bad there’s only one more day of class left.  Just when I was starting to enjoy it…
10 comments on "Days Seventy-Seven & Seventy-Eight"
  1. Your flowers look really, really good! I like your nose-blowing story. I had to audit a paint factory once and the same thing happened to me, although it was blue.

    1. Aww thank you! No way, are you serious?! How long were you there?

    2. Thankfully only one day. I don't know how people work there every day though. It has to be bad for you to be breathing all of that in.

  2. I love irises too. They're so elegant. Plus I love the purple color.

    Your lily is gorgeous! You have come very far in a short period of time.

  3. Your flowers look so beautiful, great job! I'm totally impressed cause that ain't easy!

  4. I knew you'd master those flowers! Who knows? Maybe one day you'll be giving the Cake Boss a run for his money.

  5. You did a great job on the flowers! I'm impressed!