Days 101 & 102

Monday, December 10, 2012
My last two days of pastry school.  Sniff, sniff.  It makes me so sad!  Well, the last two days of normal class.  This week we have master demo where one of our instructors demos recipes for our class all days.  On Tuesday we prep for our exams, and then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have exams. 

I’m not sure how next week (our last week) will go.  I think we’re prepping for the buffet for graduation, and cleaning. 

On Thursday we made these delicious little coconut macaroons.  They were so good! 


We also finally sliced the opera cake.  It was also delicious! 


Mini almond tarts made with almond cream, pear, and almonds.


Blueberry tarts with candied lemon peel. 


Florentine tuiles. 


Chocolate diamands.  I didn’t really like these – they were too dry.  They’re chocolate shortbread cookies rolled in turbinado sugar. 


These Scottish scones were delicious.  We used Earl Gray infused-raisins in them. 


Perhaps we should have placed them on a larger baking sheet though. 

So that was two weeks of petit fours class.  I wouldn’t say it was my favorite two weeks of class, but I definitely enjoyed it. 
11 comments on "Days 101 & 102"
  1. Wow! It seems like just the other day that you were starting and now you're done!
    I don't know about that making-your-graduation-buffet bit, though. I get that it's to show off everything you learned but it's sort of like having to make your own birthday cake!!

    What will you be up to after this? Will you get home for Christmas?

    1. Haha that's true! I didn't even think about that.

      I'm looking for jobs right now. My parents are coming up for graduation and taking me home for Christmas!

  2. Mmm, the scones look gorgeous! early-grey scones - that´s how British it gets ;)

  3. I wish you the best of luck for the exams! Fingers crossed =)

  4. I'm sure it is kind of sad for pastry school to be ending, but I bet you've learned so much and will be on to more amazing things in the future. Can't wait to see what's in store for you next!

  5. More deliciousness with teh tarts and the opera cake. Yum. It's been fun going along for the ride on your pastry school adventures.