Days Ninety-Eight & Ninety-Nine

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Monday we baked classic French meringue cookies.  We’ve made these before a couple of times.  We covered half in pralinettes, and the other half in coconut.  I gave mine away – I can’t eat all of this stuff!  I really can’t.  I tried for a couple of months. 

We also baked chocolate macarons.  These were made using the French meringue method, so they were a little trickier.  The filling is made of dark chocolate, butter, raspberries, and raspberry booze.  These were good too, but I prefer the pistachio.  I gave these away too.  Heh heh. 


Today we made apple tarts; the shell was made from sweet dough, and the filling was apple, butter, and turbinado sugar.  The topping is a “nougat” made from egg whites, sugar, almonds, and cinnamon.  These tarts were tasty.  I give them an A+ for taste, and a C- for appearance. 


These are the lemon madeleines we baked. They were quite lovely.  Perfect with a hot cup of tea. 


And last, chocolate espresso tarts.  Chocolate tart dough filled with a chocolate, egg, butter, espresso mixture, and a chocolate glaze. 


All together now.


More petit fours tomorrow!  Thank you to everyone who entered the Hodgson Mill giveaway!  The winner is….
Commenter #20 -Jean Badgley!  Congratulations!  I’ll email you, Jean, or you can email me.  Just need to pass along your shipping information!
11 comments on "Days Ninety-Eight & Ninety-Nine"
  1. I am drooling at those pictures. I love cookies....if you need to give any more away please let me know and I will send you my address!!!!!

  2. I love madeleines. Simple little treat that tastes great. Pretty humps on yours.

  3. Wow! The macaroons looks great! It's really not an easy thing to make!

  4. I don't blame you! I don't bake nearly as much as you and I'm always needing to pawn stuff off (though I certainly try to eat it all ha!)

  5. That last photo is a cookbook cover waiting to happen!