In case you might have missed it, my blog domain is now.  That’s what it has always been, but about two years ago I had it redirected to sugarplum dot net as well.  It’s a long story, but I don’t own sugarplum dot net anymore because I had some issues.  I’m very sorry for any confusion, and it won’t happen again!  Seriously, I promise.  Anyway, I wanted to update you all on that situation.  I would also like to take this time to update you on Cashew Kitty!IMAG3201_1_1 He’s enjoying the new house immensely.  He likes to bask in the sunlight coming in from all of the windows.  He enjoys sitting by the sliding glass door while bird watching.  He also likes to race up and down the stairs from the first floor to the second.  The previous renter of the house had cats and a dog, so we were worried about how he would adjust to the smells.  He seems to be doing okay, except for a certain accident on a pillow top mattress cover.  Ahem.


We’ve been feeding him kitten chow, as well as some cat food from Trader Joe’s.  The Trader Joe’s kind seems like it is pretty nutritious, so I’d like to feed that to him more.  It’s pretty expensive, though.  Any recommendations on cat food?  I want to feed kitty boy good stuff so he’ll be nice and healthy.  Occasionally, I will feed him some scraps from what I make.  The other day he had roasted chicken, asparagus, and Italian truffle cheese.  He likes chicken, turkey, egg, dairy, and that’s about it.  I tried to get him to eat pistachios and cashews but he didn’t want them.  My childhood cat loved pistachios (and frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts)!  Does your kitty enjoy any strange foods?

IMAG3227_1 Now I will leave you with a TON of cat pictures.  Feel free to not look at them.  Haha.  I have twice this amount on my phone.  I can’t stop taking pictures of him because he’s so cute!  I guess this is how you feel if you have kids.

You can tell in some of the last pictures how much he’s grown.  It’s crazy!  He’s growing up!



Cats love quiltsIMAG3224_1 IMAG3257_1_1 He fell asleep like this












He really likes to stretch out.  Haha.  Don’t cats usually like to curl up in a little ball?

Happy Caturday!


  1. Hi Emily! He is such a darling kitty. No wonder you take his pics all the time. I'm glad I have found the way back to your blog. FB had not been showing me all of your posts somehow.

    1. Hi Julie! Welcome back! I know... I've had that problem with FB too. It hides all of the pages you've liked!

  2. I love the kitty pictures - but I have been known to fall down the rabbit hole of "cute cats" on Youtube and Pinterest for longer than I care to admit. Keep them coming...

  3. I hope Cashew Kitteh becomes a regular.

    We feed ours a trio of foods - Moon Pie gets Purina One Salmon & Tuna kibble and a little Friskies beef fillet wet food (he doesn't seem interested in eating much of it, but he'll beg relentlessly so we humor him). Saffron gets mostly the wet food as well as a little Nature's Variety grain-free cat food. We had been feeding them both the Nature's Variety, then Moon Pie suddenly got picky. Occasionally he'll still eat from Saffron's bowl, though we keep the Purina away from Saffron (who wants it because he can't have it). Vets suggest the wet food as being the best, as it helps maintain weight among other benefits, but it's all about what works best for you and your cat.


    1. Oh he will be. I can't help myself! I love the name Moonpie. So cute.
      I didn't realize wet food would help maintain weight. I always thought the dry food was better. I wonder if we could buy the wet food in bulk and save a buck?

  4. I had a moment of panic when I went to your old domain! Thank you for the update on CK - I never get enough. I have a ton of pictures of my cat on my phone too, and I can't delete any of them.

    1. I'm glad you can relate, Linda! Thank you for coming back and reading!

  5. I'm sure you're not surprised, but this is my favorite of all your blog posts :)

    I love the ways kittens fall asleep in the craziest positions. The picture of Cashew standing on his hind legs to look out the window is adorable too. I can't wait to have a house someday so our cats have stairs to run up and down. Samson loves doing that when he visits my parents. The cats will be getting a 3 week vacation over there soon when we are on our honeymoon!

    1. Yaaaay! I'm glad you like it!

      The cats will absolutely love it when you guys get a bigger place! Haha cat vacation. Your wedding is coming up soo soon! It's crazy. Where are you going on your honeymoon?

  6. Ohmygosh. I'm so glad you posted about the new domain. I'll be sure to change my bookmark ASAP. And I seriously cannot get enough of your adorable kitty. ��