Day Seventeen

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
h 014
These are the baked honey-wheat tuiles that we prepped yesterday.  We made thin, rainbow-shaped schmears of dough on a silpat, baked them, then quickly wrapped the crisp tuiles around a rolling pin.  Once they cool, they remain that shape.

We made madeleines today!  I absolutely love madeleines.  I’ve baked them quite a few times and sometimes they’ve turned out, sometimes they haven’t.  To make good madeleines, it’s important to rest your dough, butter and flour your pans well, and bake them in a hot oven on hot sheet pans. 

h 015

They will puff beautifully and turn a lovely golden brown.  These are flavored with lemon zest.

h 021

Here’s the chiboust I was telling you about (Italian meringue folded into a gelatinized pastry cream). 

h 017

We sprinkled turbinado sugar on top and broiled with a torch. 

h 018

This is the chiboust with a sauce made from strawberry puree, strawberries, wild strawberries, and raspberries, with a tuile on top.  Yum!  The chiboust tasted like crème brulee.
h 020

We served the madeleine with sliced roasted pineapple, mango sorbet, and a pineapple chip.  I felt like I was in Hawaii when I tasted it! 

h 022

Souffles tomorrow!  Good night, all. 
15 comments on "Day Seventeen"
  1. It is so much fun seeing what you are doing from day to day!! I'm so happy for you having this opportunity!!

  2. The madeleines came out so beautiful! I love them too, not very sweet but rich and buttery. I'd love to learn how to make them, but the price of the pan really scares me away.

    1. I have a Wilton pan that was reasonable. Madeleines are perfect for dunking!

  3. Beautiful desserts!! I love creme brulee!! I've never made madeleines but they are on my list. Yours are gorgeous.

  4. Drool. Those desserts look so delicious and elegantly displayed.

  5. Ohhh yum & how beautiful it all has come together!

  6. Gorgeous! I am so impressed with the things you have made so far. You are really learning a lot!

  7. Wow, gorgeous! I hope you're enjoying your experience in school.

  8. OK, I've caught up on all 17 posts! It looks so interesting! I'm envious.

    1. Oh gosh I feel sorry for you! Hope you didn't fall asleep! :)

    2. No, it's so interesting! I'll bet it's exciting to be learning so much.

  9. So I'm reading from here to the most recent post. Just gonna comment at the end rather than bombard you with comments!