Day Thirty-Four

Friday, August 31, 2012

I guess next Thursday is the day we’re going to be packaging all of these chocolates up and taking them home.  So if you know me, and it’s next Thursday, and you live in Chicago – hit me up.  I will have a lot and I’ll set some aside for you. 

We made chocolate shells today by filling these molds with chocolate, then pouring out the excess.  Oooh shiny and pretty. 


We filled the shells with a caramel-chocolate filling.  This one has some vanilla liqueur in it.  You make a dry caramel, add the cream to the caramel, then strain the mixture over chocolate, and stir. 


We made these chocolate discs using a stencil…


…then piped gianduja on top.  The gianduja was made from milk chocolate, hazelnut, and butter. 

We also piped rum truffles!  These were made from a dark chocolate ganache that contained rum, cream, butter, and egg yolk.  Have you ever heard of making truffles with egg? 


We hand dipped our hazelnut trios in chocolate today. 


I think that’s about it.  It wasn’t a terribly exciting today, yet it kinda was, because we’re making chocolate candies!  I’m liking this week a lot.  I think I say that every week, though.  I have to write a paper for school now, while eating chocolate covered nougatine.
Have a good Friday!
10 comments on "Day Thirty-Four"
  1. Sugar Plum and The Chocolate Factory up in here!

  2. Gianduia? Chocolate covered hazelnut candy? I live halfway across the country? STOP IT! YOU'RE KILLING ME!

    Interesting with the egg yolk in the truffles. I definitely haven't heard of that.

  3. I just looked at the contest Facebook age and saw that you won! Congratulations Emily! :)

  4. Those rum truffles sound delicious, but they look a little like poop! Hahaha! Maybe they'll look a little different when they're set?

  5. I am loving all your posts on Pastry School. It's just wonderful to get a glimpse of what goes on.

    And congrats! I voted for you a bunch of times!

  6. Impressive!! I love these posts - I wish I was in pastry school!

  7. Mmmmmm.....truffles....rum truffles....