Day Twenty-Four

Friday, August 17, 2012
c 004

This is going to be a quick post.  I’m so sorry!  I ran out of time tonight, unfortunately.  Tomorrow I’m starting my pastry internship, so I need to get to bed.  Fast. 

Anyway, so today we made a banana tuile out of banana puree that we baked in the oven until crispy.

We also made lemon cream, which basically is lemon curd with more butter and gelatin.

c 005

c 006

We also started a batch of sour cherry jam…

c 009

This is the only dessert we plated today: poached rhubarb with raspberries, strawberry sorbet, and the banana tuile.  It’s difficult making rhubarb look appetizing.  I did my best.  This was good!  Very fruity, and you gotta love that strawberry-banana combo. 

c 008

Until tomorrow!  Happy Friday.

13 comments on "Day Twenty-Four"
  1. Even if cooked rhubarb is not beautiful at all, I think you did great with platting your dessert! Good luck with your internship!

  2. That looks amazing! Hope you are having a great first day at your internship.

  3. You're really going at a breakneck pace! You're learning so much, so quickly!

    Good luck tomorrow. They're lucky to have you!

  4. So sorry I haven't been commenting. Your new life looks fun and amazing! :)

    1. Hey that's okay! I haven't been commenting at all lately.

  5. Oh good luck on your internship!!!! I can't wait to read about it!

  6. All your plated desserts are so pretty! I want to make tuile now :) Sounds like you're learning so much!

  7. Playing super duper catch up here but gosh, I'm loving reading your day-by-day recaps, Emily! Keep 'em coming and keep up the great work!