Day Fifty-One

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello everyone!  I’m glad you’re here.  Welcome back to tart week.  I’m really enjoying this week… I’m like, all about these tarts.  Seriously.  Both tarts we’ve made have been so good.  Today we made a lemon tart.  The dough we used was a pate sablee, which we blind baked and then brushed with egg wash.  The residual heat from the just-baked tart shells was enough to cook the egg, but we popped them back in the oven for 30 seconds, just to be safe. 

The lemon cream was made from fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, egg and butter.  I think it’s basically a lemon curd, but with more butter.  I’m going to find out tomorrow because we’re making a lemon curd tart.

We topped the lemon crème with French meringue that we baked today.  The topping on the French meringue is caramelized almonds and pearl sugar. 

The crust was so buttery.  I can’t get over what a difference European butter makes.  I wish I had a lifetime supply of Plugra.  The filling was extremely tart – some people said it was too tart.  I loved it.; I love really tart lemon curds.  The meringue was very sweet, crisp, and a little chewy.  I’m not sure if it was supposed to be chewy.  I’m wondering if that was a result from overmixing.  I’ll ask tomorrow.


13 comments on "Day Fifty-One "
  1. Incredible photos! And that brownie - WOW! I don't have a big sweet tooth, but I am totally craving one of those (with a latte of course!)

  2. I love that idea of topping a lemon tart with meringues. So cute. I'm all for tarty lemoniness too. And yes, let the pumpkin season begin!

  3. That mug is super sexy and photogenic. Where did you get it?

  4. Love the change on the site and love reading about your pastry school days! Can;t wait to make this latte! I'm all about anything pumpkin and apple this time of year!

  5. Now I'm curious about Pumpkin Simple Syrup. May have to make some of that Sunday.

    As to where to buy a coat in Chicago. If you're into vintage or used, try some of the consignment and thrift stores. Evanston has some great ones along Chicago (Clark) Avenue, and there's quite a few along Broadway in Lakeview/Wrigleyville as well. Also, any of the designer discount stores will have some, but I always hit up Filene's or Nordstrom's Rack downtown before I went to TJ's or Marshall's. Just my two cents. Which reminds me, I need to scout around here in Detroit for a new winter coat for myself.

  6. I like the sound of white chocolate and pumpkin!

    Honestly, tarts and pies sound a lot more fun to make than chocolates. The French meringue swirls on your tart are so pretty.

  7. Those tarts look amazing! Wish I could try one :) As for coats, I remember buying a couple at Eddie Bauer when I was younger that were super warm and not too expensive. They kept me warm even when my school would force us outside for recess when it was 20 degrees out. Good times.

  8. You didn't get to make the goose out of sugar but the meringue looks like birds nesting on your lemon tart.
    I agree with you about the tartness of the lemon curd - isn't that why they call these things tarts?!?

  9. Another amazing recipe im sure ill be pleased with!

  10. Thanks everyone! Kimberly, I got it from Silver Dollar City. :)

    Thanks for reading, Ashley!

    Thanks Monique, those are great suggestions. I think I might check Rack and Old Navy.

    Christina, it's so good! Come visit and I'll make you one!

    Laura, that's a good idea. I bet they make nice coats. I'll have to look at their website.

    Linda, hahaha.

  11. Yum....this looks delicious! Pies are an all-time favorite of ours. It will never be forgotten. Thanks for sharing.
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  12. There's no need to buy a latte when YOU'RE in the house! Wow, that sounds good.

    That tart is my idea of heaven. It looked amazing. The ever so flaky crust, the sharp bite of the heavenly lemon filling AND meringue...Seriously, that's my last meal right there.

  13. Lands End has some pretty warm winter coats and they go on crazy sale around Christmas time. I got a super warm coat in an adorable mustard color last year for less than $40.