Day Forty-One

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Hello!  Welcome back to chocolate sculpture week.  I  feel like this week is going to be boring for you all.  There’s not a whole for me to say, or for you to read.  We work on a couple of elements for the sculpture every day, and then Friday we piece it together. 

Today, we made chocolate rose petals using a special tool that kind of looked like a large round cookie cutter.  We thinly spread the chocolate out onto the table, let it set for a little while, then scraped the chocolate up using the cutter.  I definitely don’t have the hang of it yet.

We also made “leaves” by painting dyed cocoa butter on some acetate, then covering it in white chocolate.  Then we put big blobs of chocolate on top.  ( Not pictured!)

I also worked on these white chocolate pieces that I didn’t get to do yesterday.  It’s white chocolate blended until dough-like, then rolled out. 


Sorry to make this short and sweet but I have a job interview/stage downtown tomorrow at 6:00 AM!  That’s uhh, very early for me. 
9 comments on "Day Forty-One"
  1. Best of luck to you for your job interview tomorrow!!

  2. Early for everyone, but it means more coffee. Good luck at the interview!

    1. True, true. And I did have lots of coffee. I had a huge dark roast coffee and a cafe au lait.

  3. I think those chocolate leaves are pretty neat. I can't find a date for when you posted this, but I hope the interview goes/went well!

  4. I don't know about everyone else - I'm waiting with anticipation to see the pieces come together in the sculpture at the end of the week! Not boring at all ;-D