Day Thirty-Nine

Monday, September 10, 2012

On Friday, we packaged up all of our chocolates and took them home.

Earl Gray chocolates.
Peanut butter chocolates.




Chocolate assembly line.

Pistachio ganache chocolates.


Chef Josh did some demos after we packaged everything up.  He made homemade chocolate milk for the class, and it was sooo good.  It was made with whole milk and good dark chocolate. 

It gave me some energy to work an event after class.  The school sponsored a fundraiser for Les Dames d'Escoffier on Friday night, and I helped out in the back washing dishes. 
This is the beautiful chocolate showpiece that Chef Josh made for the event.  The pot is made out of chocolate! 
I didn’t get home until after midnight, then had to work Saturday at my internship.  It was a long two days, but I’m not complaining – I’m quite grateful for the experience.  I was a little tired and crashed when I got home, after eating a plate full of French toast.  I have to eat French toast on Saturdays.  It doesn’t matter what time it is.  Saturdays were made for French toast and naps.

That night, after identifying some loud music playing from Wrigley Field, Eric and I walked over to have a listen.  Unfortunately, it started pouring down rain and we couldn’t stay long.

It was pretty amazing hearing The Boss play live.  I grew up with my parents playing Bruce Springteen all of the time.  They’ve seen him perform I don’t know how many times.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Did you bake anything?  I baked some brioche and a pie today.  Like I need it… Oh well.  
9 comments on "Day Thirty-Nine"
  1. My goodness, those chocolates look so good. I have never had an Earl Gray chocolate, but its my favorite tea. That pot is chocolate? Seriously? Amazing!

  2. I baked bread, but nothing fancy like a brioche! I'm afraid to attempt it since I'll have to knead it by hand.

    Those chocolates are beautiful.

  3. Such beautiful chocolates! Oh my goodness...

    I baked chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's icing! yum yum

  4. All of those chocolates in that first picture look so awesome! Good job!

  5. Wow! those chocolates are amazing! thanks for sharing :)

  6. I should enlarge and frame that first picture and hang it on the wall and just drool all day.

  7. I can't believe you guys made those!!! Picture perfect.

  8. Wow. That pot is amazing. And so so many chocolate :)

    You fuel my dream of going to culinary school, even more than usual!

  9. Look at all those beautiful chocolates!!! And that showpiece is amazing!!!