Days Forty-Eight & Forty-Nine

Monday, September 24, 2012

I spent Thursday and Friday making pulled sugar, and then using the sugar to make apples, pears, and birds. 

Attempting to make apples, pears, and birds, I mean.  All I was able to make were some balls.  They would make lovely Christmas tree ornaments.

You take the sugar and wrap it around a copper tube, connected to a little pump, and then pump air into the sugar to create an object. 


I did not make these birds; my friend Melina made them.  I wanted to show you what I was supposed to make…. she did a good job!  I’m sad I didn’t get to make a little goose of my own. 


Eventually, I did make an ugly apple and pear.


We threw together our sugar showpieces on Friday, using cooked isomalt as the glue. 

So we had a bunch of elements that we worked on all week, but they didn’t really go together at all. 
We had: an “organic” sugar shape, the apples, pears, birds, roses, pastiallage sticks, microwaved pastillage and stones, the bases, and the dome. 

Too many elements for such a small showpiece!  I put the sculpture together the best that I could.  I think it looks kind of cool.  Kind of ugly, too. 

Sugar showpiece week is over, and I’m kind of torn.  This was the most difficult week for me so far; part of me is happy to move on, and the other part wants another week to continue working so that I can improve and get more comfortable with sugar work. 

This was the first week of school that I didn’t do my best, and I hate myself for not trying harder and not asking more questions.  I think my work schedule was the cause of that.  I was absolutely exhausted last week.  I’m not going to put myself through that again.  I have to remember that school is my number one priority. 

I did get the chance to rest up this weekend.  I slept a lot, ate a lot of Mexican food (I had my first sopaipilla !), and baked brownies, muffins, and scones.  I have some good recipes coming your way soon!  Pumpkin season is back.
5 comments on "Days Forty-Eight & Forty-Nine"
  1. Wow that is really neat looking! You are doing a great job!

  2. I think some of that is just beautiful. I'm sure with practice you will satisfy your own exacting standards, but from my perspective, your work is just lovely.

  3. You are seriously amazing girl. I could never make anything that looks that good out of sugar!

  4. Christina, yes I did!

    Thanks, everyone!