Day Seventy-Two

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We’re in the process of making Croquembouche, folks.  It’s a traditional French wedding cake made out of cream puffs , shaped like a tree.  We made the pate a choux by cooking a “roux” from butter, milk, water, salt, and flour. 

The mixture is added to the mixer, and eggs are gradually beaten in.  The dough is the right consistency when it forms a “V” on the paddle. 

Then we (my partner and I) piped four sheet pans full of cream puffs and baked them. 

The base of the Croquembouche is a round of nougatine, which we made today.  It’s made by making a caramel, and stirring in almonds and butter in the end of the cooking process.  We rolled it thinly between two Silpats, then transferred the nougatine to a cutting board, and cut out rounds using a cake ring. 


We also cut out little triangles. 


There will be some decorative sugar work on the Croquembouche, so we practiced piping on fake cakes.


We used royal icing for this- confectioners’ sugar, water, and meringue powder.  The royal icing didn’t taste that good, but it was easier to work with than the buttercream. 

All right – time for bed.  We’re assembling the bouche tomorrow, and I guess it’s going to take the entire class period.  I’m so tired!  Goodnight, all. 
2 comments on "Day Seventy-Two"
  1. I love how committed you are to your blog and keep us updated :) your posts keep making want to go to pastry school too!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished product--I bet it's going to be beautiful!