Day Seventy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
bv 001

No, we didn’t make jam today.  We did start wedding cakes class today  !!  This is something I’m really interested in.

It was a pretty easy day.  We baked a biscuit cake (whipped egg yolks and sugar folded into pastry flour and meringue). 


And made Italian meringue buttercream.


Tomorrow, we pipe.

About two weeks ago I was able to find Concord grapes.  I wish I had stocked up, because they’re so good; they taste like sweet tarts.   If I have any time after my stage tomorrow, I’m going to the farmers’ market to see if they’re still there. 

I love Concord grapes! 

bv 004

I made a quick jam.  I didn’t use pectin – only grapes and sugar.  I boiled the mixture until it was thickened and reduced, before straining out the seeds. 

bv 005

Now if I made some peanut butter I could have one good pb&j. 

bv 006
7 comments on "Day Seventy"
  1. Yum! Homemade peanut butter, homemade grape jam and homemade bread perhaps? =)

  2. I love concord grapes too. They make me understand why grape flavoring tastes the way grape flavoring does. I hate the seeds though. Even though Kevin likes the grapes, he won't eat them because he can't stand the seeds.

  3. I wish I was in a class like you are. I need something creative for me right now.

    1. I wish you were in the class with me. Maybe you should take a class in Canada?

  4. Italian buttercream is my favorite. I think it tastes best. It's definitely the most stable of the three kinds.