Day Sixty-Eight

Friday, October 19, 2012

I feel like you all are probably bored to death with all of these cakes we’re making.  A lot of them are so similar.  Next week we start a new topic, which I think you’ll like. 

We added layers to this chocolate cake we’ve been making: caramel cremeux (from yesterday), and chocolate mousse.  The chocolate mousse was different than the ones we’ve made before.  We whipped up eggs and egg yolks in the mixer, then made a hot sugar syrup and and poured the syrup into the eggs.  The syrup cooked the egg mixture, so there was no need to cook it on the stove.  Then we folded the pâte à bombe (that’s what it’s called) into melted chocolate and whipped cream.  I almost messed up this mousse, though.  The chocolate has to be really quite hot, otherwise it seizes up.

My partner, Annie, made this flourless chocolate cake.  It was made from cocoa powder, egg whites, sugar, and I’m not sure what else,  honestly.  I was working on another project at the time.

I know there wasn’t any butter (terrible, I know…)

I was working on another chocolate mirror glaze.  We’re glazing a few cakes tomorrow and taking them home. 
Three cakes, to be exact.  HOW am I going to carry three cakes on the bus?  This should be interesting. 

8 comments on "Day Sixty-Eight"
  1. I'm not bored of cakes, but I'm sad I don't get to eat any. Maybe you can tie a large rope around all the boxes and carry them that way...

  2. You could have some of us meet you at school and carry the cakes to our house instead of yours!! I mean, how many cakes can you and Eric eat?

    We're only thinking of you, of course, and how awkward it would be to try to juggle three cakes on the bus (;-D) That's what friends are for - to help you out in your hour of need!!

    1. Haha we can't eat very much! I've frozen some of them and threw others away. Eek. I feel bad. I wish you could come take some of my hands!