Day Eighty-Seven

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Bread week is flying by.  It’s going too fast, actually.  Next week is breads too, but unfortunately we’re missing two days because of Thanksgiving.  I’d rather be in bread class.  Oh well, I have some projects I need to work on anyway.  I think Eric and I are going to have our own mini Thanksgiving celebration.  Details to follow.  I don’t know any of the details yet.  I think corn casserole will be part of the celebration.

Last night we watched YouTube videos of last year’s Chicago Thanksgiving parade on State Street.  After watching the footage, we mutually decided we won’t be attending this year.  Parades just aren’t the same when you’re an adult.  I remember liking them as a kid (mostly because of the thrown candy).  Now they’re just kind of dull and full of marching bands and Ronald McDonald balloons.  Although, I’d still love to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  They have the Today Show, celebrities, and the Rockettes.

We made French bread today… taught to us by a French chef.  Here is the most awesome, amazing picture I’ve posted on my blog.  Well, I really like it.  One, I’m smiling.

Two, Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer looming over me as I score bread. 

He’s probably like, ugh!  Theese girl does not know how to score zee bread!

I’m just kidding.  He’s the best instructor I’ve had thus far in school.  And they have all been amazing.  I have no idea how he is so patient with all of the students.
So anyway, we made crusty, traditional French bread today.  It was delicious and I ate half a loaf when I got home.  We also made beignet!! 

I felt quite comfortable manning the deep frying.  I’ve deep fried a few things in my day. 

The school used grape seed oil to fry in.  Is grape seed oil pretty expensive?  I’m thinking it is.  I usually use peanut oil when I fry.  I’ll have to use grape seed in the future though, because I didn’t get any oil taste. 

Beignet rolled in cinnamon-sugar. 


We also made and baked kugelhopf, or what my classmates called, David Hasselhoff.  Ours was pretty traditional and was made with golden raisins, kirsch, almonds, and lots of butter.  We took them out of the oven at the end of class, so we didn’t get to sugar them yet.  I’ll have some pictures for you tomorrow.  I think it’s similar to panettone.


Today’s interview is with the lovely Fatma!  Also known as “Delicate Flower”.  She’s very dainty and proper.  Fatma is my partner this week, and I’m finally getting a chance to know her better! 


Where is home?


Former profession?  

Conference Interpreter/Translator    

What made you come to pastry school?

The school is very active and has a better curriculum compared to its rivals in Paris.

Do you have any secret talents?

I love spinning poi and juggling (trying to improve both).

What has been your favorite week in school so far and why? Least favorite?

Chocolate has been my favourite and one of the biggest reasons why I am doing this program.  Plated desserts has been my least favorite- not because I don`t like it - I actually love it. but because I felt I could have done better had I had more experience

What do you want to do after graduation?

I would like to have my own business in the medium term,

What’s your favorite dessert to eat?

Hmm hard to choose just one, a well-made sticky toffee pudding.

What’s something you have learned in pastry school?  

The science behind baking/production that makes the whole process even more interesting and meaningful to me. T

Thank you, Fatma!  I had no idea what spinning poi was.  That’s neat!
6 comments on "Day Eighty-Seven"
  1. I whish I have a kugelhopf, it is sooo good! Love the picture of you scoring bread!

  2. Hi Emily from Springfield, MO,
    I have really enjoyed reading your interviews with your fellow students! It is especially interesting to see why they came to the pastry school. The photos of the homemade bread (especially the French bread) are making my mouth water! I absolutely love bread! Hope you & Eric have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Wow, the kugelhopf is gorgeous.

    How long did it take to make that bread? A good French baguette seems to be such a lengthy process. I know Julia Child has a recipe in one of her cookbooks that has 3 ingredient and is 20 pages long.

  4. Yum! Your bread looks amazing! You can get Grape seed oil at Trader Joe's for a very reasonable price :)

  5. Mmmm, I am a carb fan so those all look soooo good!

  6. OMG! I love all your baked goods. They look amazing! I wish you were still Tweeting about your posts, as I have been missing them :(