Day Eighty-Six

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another day of successful bread baking.  The day flew by! 

We baked our brioche in this fleximold.  On the bottom is a mixture of honey, sugar, and almonds.  So I guess they’re kind of like sticky buns. 


These were really, really good.  They’re incredibly tender and light.  You could taste the butter, and I mean really taste it. 

We used some of the brioche for another project.  We baked loaves of dough, then froze them.  I’m not sure what we’re using this bread for, but I’m thinking maybe it’s for bread pudding.


We also baked wheat bread - this was good as well.  I made grilled cheese tonight for dinner using this bread.


So much buttery bread.  I must get it out of the house because it’s calling my name. 

I think I’m going to drop all of the off at Eric’s work tomorrow. 

We also baked a lemon pound cake, but I forgot to take a picture.  The top of mine was kind of flat and ugly anyway.  I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong.

Continuing on with my classmate interviews… today we have Stella!  Stella is really, really smart, and really sweet.  She’s also hilarious; she makes me laugh more than anyone else in the class.  I could definitely see her owning her own bakery someday.  It would be called: Awesome Bakery!  Or, Awesome Cakes!  Or something like that.  Awesome is Stella’s favorite word. 

Where is “home”?

Indonesia.  But East Lansing, MI is also considered "home" for me.  Go Green!

Former profession?

I was a Spartan and a food product R&D.

What made you come to pastry school?

I love baking, and I wanna have my own bakery!

Do you have any secret talents?

Hahaha... Duuh, it's a secret!

What has been your favorite week in school so far and why?  Least favorite?

Umm... it's a hard one, the best class was chocolate sculpture, cos making chocolate flowers was really interesting. the least was ... maybe sugar sculpture?  I couldn't stand the heat and the blisters, but I still enjoy the class tho.

What do you want to do after graduation?

R&D Pastry Chef

What’s your favorite dessert to eat?

Chocolate Molten Cake, Chocolate, anything with chocolate would be awesome!

What’s something you have learned in pastry school?

Never throw chocolate away.

Thank you, Stella!
13 comments on "Day Eighty-Six"
  1. Wow! your brioches look fantastic! The big loaves made with dough balls are called brioches Nanterre (the name of a town near Paris). I have to work on mine...

    1. Julie! Yes! I completely forgot that's what they're called. What do you think we'll make with them?

  2. Bread is my favorite food group. The brioche looks amazing. You're doing great and learning so much, and that's.....well......awesome!

  3. Haha, I love being able to dump baked goods at work and / or significant others' workplaces. The breads look so good!

  4. You're a bread pro! Those loves are beautiful. I love the high rise on the loaves.

  5. I love your brioche loaves because the one time I made brioche I used that method of piling up the balls in the pan so you get that funny shaped top. I like them even better with the sugar on the bottom though. Julia Child has a method for making cinnamon rolls with brioche dough that I am sworn to try one day.

    Stella and her chocolate fixation - my kind of woman!

    1. Rachel, you have to make those cinnamon rolls and tell me how they are.

  6. Nooo save a loaf for me!! I mean, I'm sure the people at Eric's work will appreciate it, but I need to make sure you are doing a good job in school by tasting this stuff. :)

  7. Oh nnooooo. It's too late! I gave it all away today. There will be more, though. I'm freezing a lot. Do you accept frozen loaves of bread?

    1. Haha it's ok, I will gladly accept anything you're willing to part with :)

  8. Mmm.. bread!! When things slow down, shoot me a text!